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call me toby goddamnit

I left work ~4 yesterday and went straight to work, put together my bike trailer and loaded my harley, then loaded the rest of what I could and my landlord took me to dinner. I was working well until one in the morning. I woke up at 6 today and got to work, thinking I would finish by 7:30. Not so much. I finally finished at 3 pm and then lost my wallet. I dug through the trashbags and couldn't find it. I found it on the ferry, luckily. I had my truck PACKED totally, probably past the haul limit (I was bottoming out at every curb). But I flew home in ~4 hours and with some help unloaded the grill for my mother's use, as well as my shop press and welder (I wanted to bring the welder but I don't have the room sadly). At least now I can see out of my back window. Tomorrow I'll hopefully be on the road by 7. I will have my phone but email is probably not likely. Too bad no iPhone eh? yeah, no.

After 5 hours sleep and 11 hours work and 4 hours driving and one meal, I am whipped. Roots whipped. Tomorrow, I hope for 13 hours driving at least. booyah.
Tags: travel, truck

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