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cut to the chase

Yesterday I drove up to Magnolia, which is quite a damn drive up from Galveston, for a 'test cutting'. That is where a bunch of guys bring their swords and we cut things, usually water/milk/juice bottles and recently, some PEX-cored newspaper rolled duct tape-covered targets on stands. I've been there a couple times before and it was pretty fun hanging around with the ARMA guys from the Houston Northsiders and the Dallas guys. Once again I was the only Houston Southsider to show. I brought my Albion Crecy (Oakshott type XVIa), and once again it was a hit, several people wanted to cut with it. We took some videos and still shots. I took several but haven't developed them yet. I even got to spar with one of the Dallas guys, he's getting pretty good and it's awesome to see people who really enjoy learning the intricacies of historical swordfighting. Everyone wanted to play with my new nylon wasters as well, and the star of the show was our recently-acquired 500 year old antique longsword, which while broken (the pommel has detached) still feels really mean in the hands. Someone broke a sword while cutting with it, an 'Angel Sword', which cost ridiculous thousands of dollars, but luckily have a replacement warranty on them. That was a new sight for sure. I came home with a ripe sunburn on my face and neck, but it was worth it for sure. It's a shame my new type XIV Albion sword couldn't have been ready beforehand as I guess I won't get a chance to do cutting w/these guys maybe ever, or at least for a long time.
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