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Some woman called my cell to 'thank me for being an AT&T customer'. I wonder how many eyes roll when they hear those words. (they are about as sincere as "WILL WORK FOR FOOD"). She told me that she is offering me a higher speed/level of internet service blah blah and touting it so well. And then she checks and tells me that it isn't available in my area. So thanks again for all the direct account withdrawals and blah blah and I hung up on her.


Jun. 5th, 2007 09:33 pm (UTC)
YEah, I get them every 30 days from Verizon. Every conversation over the past year has been like this.

phone: HI! We just wanted you to know that high speed internet is available in your neighborhood.
me: Yep. it's called Road Runner.
phone: Well, no. Verizon has high speed access now.
me: Yay! You are putting in Fios around my neighborhood?
phone: Um, no. We have DSL, and...
me: If you don't have fiber to my house, I'm not interested. *hangs up*