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show me show me show me how you do that trick

I went to a bar for the first time in years, at least so in Texas. I got a call from my cousin that she wanted me to meet her in a bar in Clear Lake to see an 80's cover band. I hated the idea but I may not get the chance to hang out w/ her much anymore so I dutifully went. It naturally sucked until I had about 3 beers and then it was okay. I felt a little awkward turning down being introduced to girls there but at this point in my stay here, It was really without a point. Right before I left they played a Cure song and I swear to god I actually sang along. There was a valet in the john, he was offering smokes and I shot the shit with him for awhile to avoid the push and pull of a bar/club scene. I have the bad feeling that she'll invite me to bars again every week until I'm gone again It could be worse I reckon, but I hate the idea of needing to get sauced to hang around with her and her friends. It really is a shame about Clear Lake, they need to get their streets fixed up better.
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