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My landlord came by today and drained some bucket above my ceiling which filled during the rain here, causing the leak. He also 'fixed' the commode (he twist-tied the chain back to the handle) and said that the oven parts should be coming in 'sometime'. I've been here a month, and no oven! grrr..

I finally deleted the last of the Klez that was infecting my system last night. Norton wouldn't delete a .CPY file that was RAR'd into a .CAB file, I think it may've been in use.. I didn't care, I opened the file manually and got norton to pull it out. But I'm still unsure if it really did the trick, though. I've got 512 MB of DDR in this machine, and was running like Jesse Owens on meth until the Klez hit. Now it runs out of memory when I run more than about 3 programs at a time!! What the hell is doing that? I'm looking all over the place for the culprit... I reloaded all of my .VxD's and my .DLL's, but that isn't helping. I'm still getting a memory error when I run diagnostics, but that was happening before it started running slowly. Every DIAG prog I run shows me with 512Megs, so I just don't get it. I'm thinking of shelling out the bigbucks to have an on-site tech come figure it out. Damn, will that suck.

I'm about to run down to UTMB to find out where their gym is located, and if I can go there without being registered. I need to get outta the apartment.

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