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two new forms of protection

I got a TechShell case for my macbook pro yesterday, it's pretty nice. It's a little too shiny though. I'm going to take some steel wool to it and matte it up a bit. Now I'm not so paranoid to touch the damn thing. Speaking of Apple I went to the Baybrook Apple store opening, and wow -- the store is at least twice the size of the Houston one. It's really nice, and there were at least a dozen sales reps walking around (and they had some lookers as well). I almost got a messenger bag, as I've been looking to replace this worn-out Targus nylon thing, but $175 is too much for a bag without a handle or a bottle holder.

I'm starting to get nervous about not hearing back from my interview. I'm going to email the guy and make sure that he got the last of my ref letters. I still haven't heard from the other guy, but he may not have gotten all the letters either. I'm tired of hanging around here doing tech work for other people. I don't want to stay here too long, or I will look like an unemployable loser.

I volunteered (since I knew none of the other students in my dept would do it) yesterday to trudge over to the dept. library and meet with a prospective PhD student who was accepted but not sure if she wanted to enroll here, due to her interview not affording her enough info about the students and such (surprise, nothing changed much since my interview). I clued her in as best I could, but she didn't really have many questions for me. I didn't get much of a feeling that she'd come here, which was a shame because after reading her application (why the HELL they gave me a copy of it is beyond me and I sure wasn't going to mention that breach to her) she seemed motivated and at least able to write an interesting personal statement (which isn't really a given, sadly). It's a shame the students in the PHTO department are so adamant about not participating in recruitment, but it's sort of understandable when they don't ask our input about the students we do meet with. It's probably partially what led to the recent (unmentioned by faculty) incidences of cheating that have been going on lately.

In more TMI news, I am rediscovering the joy of watching an entire layer of epidermis re-grow over raw flesh. I have never worn briefs for so many days in a row since 7th grade and haven't gone to the bathroom so many times per day to inspect my junk since 9th grade.
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