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spic and spanc

So this gentian violet stuff.

It doesn't wash off.

But it rubs off, all over my clothes and hands and oh man I've been voting in the Iraqi elections. I look like I've been getting head from Grimace. Well I suppose it'll come off with the skin layers, which is cold comfort indeed.

My landlord was supposed to bring over a possible new tenant yesterday who was possibly going to move into my apartment after I possibly move out to some new and exciting job, possibly. But, that never really happened, so I spent the evening trying to clean up doghair and find crackpipes and dead teamsters and anything that might make me look like I don't run a tight ship here, not that I don't or anything. Maybe he'll come today? Maybe I've done enough cleaning for one week and he can just use his imagination like I do in front of the full-length mirror.


May. 12th, 2007 03:32 am (UTC)
Oh.. I use that stuff to stain cells. :) No.. it does NOT wash off, though it is alcohol soluble.. but probably too late once in the skin.

More importantly.. it should work for fungus on the fun guys?