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je suis arrive

So my last day as a grad student was pretty good. There was a seminar put on by our (Pharm and Tox) student organization, the first of hopefully many yearly ones. Although, the speaker wasn't so great IMO and came off as a little pompous (although as a CEO I suppose it's in the job description), saying how she brought industry to Houston, and flat-out denying even the thought that industry/big pharma owes any sort of help (since they owe their success) to basic research in terms of giving us a hand with what is admittedly a piss-poor and sub-optimal lobbying job we do. But, hey, free food afterwards.

I got a phone call from the guy making my nylon practice swords, and (finally) he's shipping them in the next few days. I've been waiting awhile for them. I'll probably end up breaking one of my fingers with them as soon as I use them, but it'll be fun.

Graduation tomorrow at 10. Looking forward to it, and at the same time.....

no, ha ha, seriously.. fuck that. No ambivalence, I'm too young for nostalgia and too old for indecision. I'm totally looking forward to being done.
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