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old school and new school

THIS is the most hardcore chick I've seen all week.

I picked up my graduation gown today and it looks a little more .. regal .. than my undergraduate one. I was hoping for a more fancy cap though, I guess at UTMB everyone wears the standard mortarboard. I think my family will be mostly showning up tomorrow evening sometime. I didn't get as much cleaning done as I had hoped, but I did get a considerable amount, so it's okay. I have no idea if anyone will even come to my apartment, but I figure just in case I should clean up a little. Or a lot.

I ordered an iMac for my mother's birthday/Mother's day present, split with my sister and (hopefully) my grandma will chip in a tad as well. My mom's old PC was ordered by me along with my first 'custom-built' Cyberpower setup in late 2000 after getting tired of my old Compaq 1020 Win95 laptop. It's a rather old thing and keeps freezing up, so it's gotta go. I'll probably put her old HDD in an external case for her, and take my old 19" Viewsonic 30+ lb behemoth off of her desk and bring it up to my old bedroom, the computer graveyard. I've got a 486DX2 up there with furry porn from 1991 I think.... oh yeah, I'm an old-school pervert from way back. Anyway, since she doesn't really know WinXP all that well, switching to OS X shouldn't be much of a big deal for her.

I printed out 9 copies of 13 color figure pages of my dissert yesterday to save me over $100, but damn it took forever to get it to actually look correct on paper. The mac version of Microsoft Word is the devil himself. If I hadn't gotten a $25 student version I would have just stuck with OpenOffice.

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