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I got quoted ~210 bucks to print up my dissertations (not counting paper price) from one joint today. Office Depot is about 30 bucks cheaper, and I know I can make corrections on-the-fly, so I'll probably go through them. I'll probably print the color pages on my own to save about 80 bucks, if I can. I tried to open the Word file in OpenOffice, and my entire bibliography (~300 refs) disappeared. I nearly crapped myself when I saw the page count. My trial version of MS Office ended so I can't see if it loads correctly there, so I'll try to load it on someone else's computer. If it truly did disappear, I will have to print the PDF I made of it when I submitted it electronically. Unfortunately it has spacing issues that, while not relevant to a PDF, look wonky in a bound book. I ordered the 100% cotton 'thesis paper' yesterday at ~170 bucks, and the binding will be 135 bucks.

Jeez, maybe I should apply for NIH funding to print my books..
At least I got a 130 dollar discount on Endnote for mac (after using my full-price windows version all of 4 months..).



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Apr. 26th, 2007 04:22 am (UTC)
Your department isn't paying for the printing? Shit.. my school paid for the first six copies, then charged me only $22 for each additional I wanted.

The more I hear from grad students in my field around the country, the more I consider myself fortunate to have gone to a very student-friendly school!
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