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Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

I am trying to find a place on my island that will give me a reservation for ~13 on the 5th for lunch. But I don't know if that's going to be easy to do as most of the places on my island are pretty shitty.

I've been trying to wind things down at work and disengage somewhat due to obviousness, and I realized I have dozens of books here that I haven't read in a long time.

I sent out announcements for my graduation, almost 20, but they were really only to family (or friends of family), I only sent one to MY friend, because a)I only know the address of one and b) It feels kind of pompous to send those out to friends. I learned my Great-grandmother has a surviving sister and I sent her one, along with a letter asking for information about that part of my family. I hope she has some to give. I have somewhat a genealogical log of that side of my family dating back to the 1600s, but I would like to flesh it out a little with some personal data.

And in the interest of attempting to wean myself back into posting entries again (and obviously the best way to do this is to copy other people's):

1. relative freedom
2. not having to wait on the bus
3. internet access
4. education (the post-highschool non-compulsory part)
5. family worthy of acknowledgement
6. my girlish figure
7. not being blind or deaf
8. not having been born anywhere in Africa
9. history books that include history
10. pornography
11. skim milk, and by extension, cows
12. coca-cola, and by extension, America
13. electricity on tap
14. shots
15. leather
16. the 'mute' button
17. plastics
18. contraceptives
19. liquor, beer, and wine
20. (good) cops
21. an independent judiciary
22. pocky
23. bacon (even Canadian)
24. people who settled on waste management as a career
25. my lack of authority over everyone and their business
26. walls
27. foreign oil
28. President Eisenhower and his magnificent National System of Interstate and Defense Highways
29. the breadth of the candy/gum section of every supermarket checkout aisle
30. the NIH
31. Arby's roast-beef sandwiches and the options available for their construction
32. everyone who doesn't want to kill me as a matter of course
33. the humble hydrogen bond
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