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I am sure the cliffhanger I presented to you was very intriguing and ready for prime time, yes? Regarding my dissertation defense I mean to say, in case I wasn't clear on what (or who) I was defending. I was going to tell you but I just now got back from the Dean and found out the last of it.

I passed my dissertation defense ('with flying colors' according to some in the know), and in a relatively short time (I think, as I've only been through one). My family was there in the audience, with my Grandmother and her husband taking turns nodding off throughout. The PHTO chairman was there, as was most of everyone I care about in the department. I finished perfectly on time, and didn't even have as much of a 'seminar headache' as I usually get.

Afterwards I gave my family a tour of my lab, and checked my mother in to her B&B across the street from my apartment. We went out to eat as well, after calling my normally laconic grandma and hearing her talk for half an hour. At the end of the night I was beyond drained, but I went to work the rest of the week and made all my revisions/corrections and turned the damned thing in.

The Dean was out Friday so I was left without the knowledge of whether I'd be graduating in May or forced to wait until August. Today after my third attempt I caught him and he gave me the nod.

I walk in May! I just called my mother so she can B&B it up again. As a gift to myself I may go to and get my name laser-etched onto my new MacBook Pro in case I ever lose it (I guess 'Dr. Mephit' wouldn't really get it back to me, but it would make me laugh). We will see.
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