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Well, this morning I found out my toilet has kicked the bucket. Of course, I found this out after I took a leak, but I rigged it for one more pseudo-flush. Somehow the chain handle rusted through last night.. I called my landlord and left him a message to call me. He's a pretty devout Catholic, so he's out a lot of each Sunday.

I finally took the trash out and guess what I found in the brand new trashcan? about 2000 maggots! ooh, tasty. Before breakfast, no less. I'm letting them bake in the sun before I put anything else in the can. On that topic, I found two roaches last night on my porch. One of them was (no kidding) about 4 inches long! Christ! Time to get the Raid and combat roach motels.

I hate sundays, but it's not like it really matters, because every day's the same here anyway. Blah.

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