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I haven't been here in a long time (I don't know if anyone noticed).  Since December, I think.  I've been devoting my time to work, and I would like to believe I have something tangible to show for it.  I do, thankfully.  A dissertation. 

Unfortunately, my ThinkPad died the night before I left for a conference, last weekend, with my dissertation and defense slides on it.  As you can imagine I was concerned.  I got up early the next morning and bought a new laptop, $2000+ just like that.  But under the circumstances I didn't think twice about it.  I tried to get work done during the conference, but those things keep people too busy for any real work.

The next day I re-wrote my departmental journal club presentation and presented it.  Afterwards, that night, I rewrote a seminar powerpoint for a job interview.  The next day I gave the seminar (up at Baylor College of Medicine) and I think I did okay, considering the circumstances.

I spent the rest of the time re-writing the slides for my dissertation defense.  As you might imagine, that was not fun.  During the weekend I cought some kind of cold I think.  at first I thought it was an allergy, but I don't really have any and I feel even worse today.  I gave my seminar to my lab this morning and got comments, and am applying them now.   Tonight I may attend my NIEHS journal club meeting, although I would like to believe they'd cut me some slack if I don't show up.

Tomorrow at 2pm I give my defense.  My mother, sister, and grandmother will be there.  I'm going to tape the seminar for giggles later.  I kind of hope that I feel this bad tomorrow, because I think it might keep me from being nervous.  If I have relatively few corrections to make from my committee (I do not know what to expect from them, or this experience) I might be able to graduate in May.  Otherwise I will have to wait until August (and then return next May for a gradtuation ceremony).

Of course lots of other stuff happened over that time, but honestly none of it really matters.  I just want to get through the next day and then frankly I will let this cold eat me alive.
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