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Norman Rockwell hardness scale

I have spent most of my weekend at my desk at work, in fact I spent 7 hours last night here, only leaving at around midnight after realizing that my poor dog needed to eat her dinner and I did too.  I was still in the mood to write, which is why I stuck around so long I guess, once I get in the groove it's sacrilege to stop as it's so hard to get into it again, especially with Firefox juuust in the background.  I've been here 5 hours and with at least something to show for it, keeping happy even in the face of finding out that the computer which we replaced the tits-up one I wrote about yesterday, won't let me log on and is probably broken as well along with the photos I have taken on it.  How have people survived in this lab with all this broken shit?

I realized as well that I was really behind on my Xmas shopping, and so did what I vowed to to by May but didn't, go online and shop like a 21st century digital boy.  I ordered some books on Amazon (those bastards will try to play games with the shipping sometimes, it took me no less than 10 go-throughs to get it all correct) and some clothing, and something off of ebay that may or may not be shipped in time for Xmas day, but I'll include a picture of it in a box if I need to. So I'm set I suppose.  I always try to take a census of what and how much and how many we get from each other to attempt to normalize my giving, as I tend not to see everything together until it's under the tree and wonder if it's really enough.  I have read that we tend to buy gifts based on the hypothesized reactions at the time of receipt and not on utility, which is probably very true for us but hopefully less so because we prod each other for Xmas lists early and use them well.  However my mother and sister tend to be more creative than I and always get me things I didn't ask for but probably like.  I fail in this endeavor and always feel disappointing.  I will have to try again next year I guess, and if I order early enough I won't be paying the friggin 30 to 50 bucks extra in rush shipping charges that I am paying now.

p.s. 124 pages now.

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