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and into the fire

I bought a 6" cast iron skillet from Academy sports a couple of weeks ago, 'pre-seasoned' (I think I will always view that term in all its modes of employ with suspicion).  It's not a Lodge brand skillet, though I used to like Lodge a great deal.  I watch the 'Campfire Cafe' show on the Outdoor Life Network when it comes on, as they make some good-looking food there, and they always are pushing the Lodge brand.  My last dutch oven was a Lodge, but I left a jambalaya in it for a couple of weeks (oh yeah that's good eatin') and decided it was better to buy a new one than to attempt to clean it out.  It's still outside gathering rust, because I plan to reverse-electroplate it and start over with it.  I bought a replacement Lodge oven from Academy, and when I opened it I found a crack down the side.  I mean a big one, like Liberty Bell-caliber.  I seasoned it anyway as it looked thin enough to work if I gummed enough oil in there and cooked it shut.  I did just that and yesterday I made a jambalaya in there that didn't leak or spill (until I tried to take out the jambalaya with a wooden spoon).  As always seems to happen, there was rice burned to the bottom of the pot, and I hate scraping that out.  So I put it on the ground and let Freya lick it out, and she did just that, and did her damnedest to gnaw and chew the stuff off the bottom, until it was clean.  She does well, it almost looks like she got some of the seasoning off.  I have decided that I need to stop being stingy with the vegetable oil in my jambalaya, as I think it's inversely correlated to the amount of rice burning I get.  Anyway this little pan was half the price of the Lodge model, and had a longer handle.  Why wouldn't I take that one?  It does nicely for making hash browns in the morning and scrambled eggs and takes less time to heat up.  Plus it makes me feel like a short-order cook, which is what I wish I had done with my life instead of screwing it all up and graduating highschool.

p.s. I'm up to 106 pages, I never thought it would happen in this lifetime.  Probably 50 more to go.

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