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I am the Yojimbo..

I got a phonecall from Allen Kitchen a little while ago. I wasn't expecting anyone to be calling, so I was probably a little rude when I answered (oops..) Well, he was nice enough, but it seems my reply to his email never went through..that really pisses me off. I sent that thing probably two days ago, and he didn't get it? maybe it had to do with my computer crashing, but that still is annoying. Well anyway, he was definitely the first fur to call from me posting my number online.

I just finished watching Blood: The Last Vampire on DVD on my computer. I wasn't sure if it would even play, but it did! good movie, but SHORT! maybe 45 minutes.. Excellent animation quality, too. Recommended.

I just checked my 'sent items' box, and the reply to Shockwave is in there! It did get sent! and I've not received a bounceback, so maybe he just didn't see it, or is my propagation THAT slow? hmm..

I had considered going out to a bar tonight, but then I forgot about it until it was too late. I'd like to see what the bar scene is here, but going drinking alone is so sad, and I don't do the dance club thing. I have 3 boxes of liquor here, but that ain't happening either.

Someone was making noises right outside my apartment a few hours ago, so I got my pistol and went to check it out. Whoever it was left, though. Luckily my door's got 3 locks on it, and I've got the Kung-Fu Grip. As Usagi would say: Ryaaaaa!

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