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can't just make up one

In the last issue of Wired they had some famous people (mostly sci-fi authors) come up with some 6-word sci-fi 'stories', and printed them along with some artist-rendered book covers:   http://blog.wired.com/sixwords/  I thought it was a pretty funny bit so I came up with a few at the diner:

"Slap leather, varmint!" <bweeeeeeee> "huh?" <fzzzzt> "---."
My longest shift? The cryo-freeze broke.
No plants? but I'm a vegetarian!
Damnit 6-eyes, stop eating the meteors!
Ganesh statue awakens:  peanut crops decimated.
Insomniac's horror - dogs talk at night.
Isaac's laws mean nothing to fempto-bots.
Extra! Extra! National Enquirer comes true!
MISS America? That's Dr. America to you ..
Push the blue button! Wait, GREE--
Shit. I mis-calibrated the Geiger....run!
I... regretted taking the red pill.
Iron Man vs. the Gigamagnetron 9000
My darling.... Curse my eye lasers!!
Breatharians were right all along. Sigh.
Reality...  As far as you know.
Coma patients have the best dreams.
'blow the hatch... we're indestructable  now.'
'Your long-term memory's permanently gone, Mr. ....?'
fall. flatline. funeral. felis? Funny story: ..
My super power?  No parking tickets.
Hyperdrive malfunction. Where are we?  When?
Oops -- cold fusion ignites the atmosphere.

If you have any 6-word short stories (I guess it doesn't have to be sci-fi necessarily), let's hear them.  This is fun, I could make a whole community for this.


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Nov. 21st, 2006 04:37 pm (UTC)
There was nothing left to say.
But she was just right there...
No, I don't have a gun.
I haven't seen your laptop, honestly!
That wasn't over there last night.
And ...
For sale, time machine, slight damage.
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