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My sister and her boyfriend are coming down here next weekend. My mother says it may be partially because of the Baton Rouge serial killer (dunno if it's in the nat'l news, but it's been in the LA news for a while).. I guess they'll wanna go to Astroworld and the beach, and whatnot.

I went to the beach today!! walked all the way there (maybe 14 blocks) with my dog, and then hung out at the beach for a little while in the surf. My dog's afraid of the waves, but he'll get used to it. Long walk home, though. It was fun, though.

I bought a whole bunch of meat last night at Wal-Mart, and then I LEFT IT OUT ALL NIGHT. What a waste. Damn, now I'll have to go back tomorrow.

I was asked a few days back by Shockwave if I wanted to catch a ride to Mephit Furmeet with him (which was REALLY nice of him, btw), but I can't go because my classes start the week before labor day, and I wouldn't be able to leave early. Also, I might be going home that weekend (?) Bummer. I would've like to have gone.
Oh, well, maybe next time.

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