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A new blue bag (balls surely to follow)

I received my garment bag yesterday from the online store, and it was broken.  Since it is only 3 days till I leave, I got a replacement from Target.  It'll do, though it doesn't have the little shoe jobbies on it.  And without shoe jobbies aren't we all merely adrift in the cosmic ocean, riding noisy bits of flotsam?  Like a dope I forgot to pick up my slacks yesterday, and they'll probably be closed tomorrow leaving me only Monday, a very busy day indeed,  because I stupidly agreed to do a transfection early in the morning, followed by attending a seminar (and actually paying attention this time), and taking the seminar speaker to lunch with 2 other students, and then ferrying him back to the airport in time for his flight.  An unlikely scenario when cast in light of them scheduling him 45 minutes to drive from the island to Hobby.

My truck usually looks like a trainwreck and has more hair than Bigfoot's buttcrack, so today in the morning I took it to get the oil changed and a thorough inside cleaning.  It was promised in an hour but took more than two, making me late for my swordfighting class and losing Slowpoke Gonzales the vacuum cleaner attendant his tip.  At least they did a decent (but not spectacular) job.  after a 3 and a half hour class I was stress-free and got a frappucino to raise my blood sugar (they're therapeutic after all).