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Now I've got TWO sacs bigger than you

I bought a 100 pound heavy bag from Everlast yesterday, to use for grappling training.  I finally started watching the DVD I got on the subject and trying to do the exercises is some tiresome work.  But I can feel it as a whole-body workout, stabilizing muscles afire.  I hope nobody steals it off my (newly swept and partially cleared) porch, I'll just do the first exercises up there, but I dunno where I'll be able to do the on-the-ground type of exercises.

I've got to buy yet another pair of dress shoes because I forgot to get mine back over here before leaving for Denver, and I need to get several pairs of dress slacks hemmed up for my trip.  Irritating.  I hate wearing dress slacks.  Seriously.

The lab down the hall is having a dress-up for Halloween day thing I guess, as one of the students is dressed like little Alex from A Clockwork Orange and it smells like pizza down there.  Those guys are always having a blast.  Their PI is probably a millionaire by now from patenting his little prion assay, and they have some relatively nice looking girls working there.  Today there are only a couple people in our lab and I'm stuck doing uncompensated editing. 


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Oct. 31st, 2006 10:00 pm (UTC)
here, lemme lift your tail and kick you in the cherries and then yes your sac will be bigger
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