Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor (floyd_mephit) wrote,
Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

A million little pieces (this time less drugs and more violence)

After teaching the class I went to the supermarket on Scarsdale and got some punkins and water, and went to the nearby public park and set up my junk as best I could, although the cloud cover was rather foreboding.  The park employee came by and was asking about swordfighting and I gave him the info about us, sort of (I have learned that most people who say that they are interested in what we do are only interested in the 'wow' factor, and not really what we do).  I cut a bunch of pumpkins and several water bottles, and tried to cut the beach mats which I rolled around dowels and soaked in water overnight.  The damned rolls wouldn't sit still so it was difficult to cut them.  I cut one very nice cut cleanly through, so I guess my sword is sharp enough as such.  Next time I'll situate them so they'll stay put on the stand I made.  I set up the 5-pound beef roast and hacked at it a few times, but it was kid of flat and wouldn't stay put well.  I was surprised at how well the sword cut through it, with barely any force it would slice into it and when I made draw cuts on it, it was very much like cutting through a stick of butter.  I found out that my edge alignment has a lot of room for improvement, but I can imagine that most people who haven't actually tried to make a sword bite into a target before would find this to be true.  Unfortunately, one of the soccer moms who was at one of the half-dozen birthday parties all around me (no closer than 75 yards, as I situated myself to keep little kids and annoying 'History Channel historians' away from me, and the same park employee told me that his supervisor didn't want me using sharp swords on the grounds.  So I'll have to find another place to do it, although that was a pretty much perfect location otherwise.  I may have to get the tip looked at, but I was pleased to at least get the opportunity finally to test out the sword, however unprofessional the results.  Next time I'll bring a tripod that isn't broken, and actually take some pictures.


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