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what brown did for me

I finally got my Albion Next Gen Crecy longsword by UPS yesterday around 2:30.  I saw that it was delivered on their website, so I rode my bike home through a god-awful storm to bring the box inside.  I was soaked well from it.  The sword was much shorter and lighter than I thought it would be.  It's only around 44 inches, which is much shorter than my NSA waster is, so I'll have to get used to that.  There were some kind of scuff/scratches near the center of balance, so I buffed with some fine steel wool, and the rust is out of it but the black marks are still there for now.  The blade was much less sharp than I thought it would be as well.  I could run my hand up and down the blade with impunity.  I did the same with some pressure and finally elicited a slice on my finger, shallow enough not to draw blood. 

I took it outside and attempted to cut one of those flimsy grass mats, but it wouldn't cut past a laceration on the outer layer, no matter what orientation I put it in.  These mats aren't wound tightly though, it could be that.  I took a half-gallon milk jug out, filled it with water and stood it on my short pell, and cut at it, and on the first cut I very cleanly clipped off the top 1/2 to 1 inch, at the thick part of the opening.  The second cut sliced it in half, not as cleanly but still pretty good.  I believe my edge alignment needs some practice.  However when empty the bottom part could not be cut, even vertically sitting on a foam pad.  I am wondering if the blade isn't sharp enough, although I admit I have little reference to go by.  If the weather permits I will be practicing a lot more, with some beef roasts and other bottles, and again with the mats if I can.  I need to do more of the cutting to get a feel for if the blade needs to be sent back for sharpening or not.

 Visually the sword is very pretty, with a very tight black leather grip (it stinks, but new leather tends to sometimes) and nicely polished to give a wire-wheeled look.  There are several small eccentricities/assymetries, which I believe are introduced deliberately.  The blade looks to have a mean thrusting tip, but I belive it has enough mass to effectively cut on some resistive targets (as long as the blade proves sharp enough).  I am pleased with the sword (and I think all reservations will be laid to rest once I know either now or after I get the blade keened that this sword is up for the extensive test-cutting I will use it for).  Pictures from the maker are here.

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