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always stuck in the same place

I got my hep A and my flu shot this morn, so that's 4 needles in 3 days.  My vein is still nasty and thrombosed-looking, hopefully this weird scar-looking thing will be temporary and not mess that vein up for future needles (and my career plans as a celebrity junkie are still a go).

My UPS shipment seems to have not been tracked since it took off from Illinois two days ago, so I assume this is an around-the-world flight to Houston.  I mean, it's either that or some shipping clerk didn't scan all the packages, and come on, what's the possibility of that in this perfect world?

My journal club presentation yesterday was okay, not great, there were a few people missing, and I only halfway understood the paper (as it is synthetic chemistry and I am not) but I understood it better than most of the others, so they didn't rush me with nonsense.  And hopefully the almond-coconut-vanilla-raisin-cranberry-oatmeal cookies I baked the night before buttered them up a little bit.  If you can't get complimented on your paper choice, getting complimented on your cookies is acceptable consolation.

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