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globs of globulins

I went to student health earlier today to get a TB skin test, as we were informed recently that they'll stop paying us if we don't.  I got one, and they told me I needed a Hep B titer done, so I said okay, 2 needles is as good as one, and got that done.  I made an appointment for Friday to get a Hep A vaccination as well (hey, why the hell not it's only 25 bucks) and a free flu shot if the line isn't too long for it.  I will also be asking the lady on Friday about a pneumococcal vaccine, as those sound pretty nice too.  I asked about a series of rabies vaccines (hey, why the hell not, I go walking in the woods often enough), but I don't think they'll let me get that there.  I wonder where I can go for that?

an hour later the vein she punctured has developed a big gnarly hemotoma.  I never get that, kind of strange.

In other news, my Crecy is in Houston, I hope that means it'll be delivered earlier than expected.


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Oct. 11th, 2006 10:06 pm (UTC)
You're too young for a pneumococcal vaccine!

Rabies? That's therapeutic, not prophylactic!

I got the Hepatavax Hep B vaccine years ago, three shots spaced over 6 months. Was required since I was working with human tissue specimens. Never bothered to get a titer though...
Oct. 11th, 2006 10:44 pm (UTC)
There is a pre-exposure rabies vax for "travelers" and animal lab workers, but I guess I didn't convince them well enough that I was going anywhere 'dangerous'. I haven't touched human tissues in years (oh man that sounded pathetic) but my job requires all students to get the Hep B before we even enroll here. The titer is part of the package for us so I was overdue.

I want all safe vaccines that I can get, I like to hedge my bets.
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