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where it's actually cold in the winter

So, I'm going to be in Denver in November for a few days, and busy for most of the day on most of them.  I've considered going to Breckenridge for a half-day and going snowboarding,  and I may despite the hassle involved (I loove snowboarding and I miss Breckenridge).  But what else is there to do in and around Denver that time of year that I would have time to enjoy?  Does anyone know of some nice restaurants or attractions that an rental econocar can get me to?

In ancillary news, I got my first FTF a few days ago, I was pleased.  Also at my swordfighting class I brutally crushed my thumb (the non-broken one) and got a nasty bruise under the nail.  And, HEB has got the best approximation of the Whole Foods store I've come across lately, it's quite nice.  It's a shame it's so damn far away from where I live, or I'd probably be a turgid sack of chocolate-covered coffee beans every grocery-day.

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