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la bas

I got some anecdotal info today in my journal club that in France they are significantly more interested in giving Americans post-docs than they are in America.  I really would like to look into that prospect sometime, I think it could be something that does a lot for me (not career-wise, necessarily, but in almost all other respects).  I will have to put that in my list.

I bought some CDs at the store yesterday (goddamn you, used CD racks).  Nitzer Ebb for 99 cents?  I couldn't let it sit there.  I bought another Moleskine as well, although I dunno why as I'm always so reticent to "ruin" them by writing my useless hoi polloi drivel in there.  Luckily for you people I have no such lofty views of Livejournal.  I also bought a copy of Beowulf off their "required summer reading" rack, they had the little jock version and the good version with the Old English on one side, thorns and all, and the translation/literation on the other side.  Sweet.

I lost my nice stainless 1-cup measuring cup and it's driving my ass crazy.  And that's about it for now.


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