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I did a bad thing this morning - I chipped my cooking paddle.  I was using it to push junk off of the walls of the blender as I was making a protein shake this morning and stuck it too far down.  Split it a couple inches up one side.  It was from my mother, and well-cured with hundreds of uses.  I will see if I can glue some of the recovered pieces back onto it as it's kind of difficult to replace things like that, but it's going to look gouged up.  And every third mouthful of this shake has chunks of wood in it, some of them I end up swallowing.  And it's got wheat germ in it so I can't tell what's wood and what's not.  I have a back-up paddle I've been curing for a few years now but it's not as good.

Morning Protein Shake

1 banana
1 scoop protein powder from GNC
1 tbsp wheat germ
2 tbsp malt powder
1.5-2.5 cup ice
1.5-2 cup skim milk
5 grams pine wood bits (optional)
Tags: recipe

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