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on Deception and Volition.

There's an undergrad at UVA who has been asking me to do his homework over icq for the past few days now. I just finished critiquing his paper. He's a biochem major, and he thought I was a biochemist. I answered his questions and he's been all on my ass tonight wanting more. I told him I'd critique his answers. He's shocked to learn, just now, that I'm an undergrad too. Kinda funny. I'm wondering how he got to be where he is, since he has no idea about certain basic concepts that would've been taught in freshman biology. I just told him that I was an architecture major. Ha.

I had a point to this, but I can't remember what it was. Damn.

anyway. I ought to keep my head together.. and do my Pchem homework.

I really liked the character of the Devil in the movie 'Devil's Advocate', played by Pacino. I liked the idea that he was 'the little guy', and he stuck to the tenet, 'never let 'em see you coming.' This is how I like to be. I am much more intelligent than most of the people I see every day, I am more educated, I am a trained fighter, I have my own money, and I am usually armed. And all these things, I hide from people. I don't let them see me for what I am, because it is in my favor to do it. I always have a fist cocked back, and nobody sees it because I look like Joe shmoe the listless nobody. It keeps a certain element away, and it also attracts a certain element. An unfortunate side effect is that I am harrassed more often by social predators and social parasites because I usually appear like social prey. Oh, well. It can rarely go farther than I'd like, because I'm always ready for anything unreasonable, and I'm trying to get myself ready for the reasonable things too. When I approach someone, I'm always thinking of how they would most likely attack, and how I should respond. I'm thinking about how I can keep myself from being victimized.

I'm a hardass to many, because of it, but to whom? to a class of sociopaths that deserve nothing other than to be treated poorly. If I could act as I wanted without fear of punishment, I would probably beat more people to death than I could count. I would pull poor drivers over and revoke their license and seize their vehicles. I would kill, on sight, those who prey on the weak. I would beat in public mercilessly violent criminals. I would force cyclists to USE THE FUCKING SIDEWALK. Pedestrians who walk in the street would be ticketed immediately, and I would force into labor most, if not all, jailed criminals. I would immediately execute every inmate on death row - on pay-per-view - and give half of the money to the victims' families and the other half to the correctional systems. Delinquency of child support payment would result in immediate arrest and seizure of appropriate value of property, plus 20%. Contraception would be given out free to anyone who wanted it. Truancy would be enforced strictly, fining the parent for the child's absence, and landing the child into forced community service after the third absence. Voting would become compulsary and a national 1 cent tax would supplement public schooling funding. There would be a 2-can garbage limit enforced, to promote recycling, which would be mandatorily instituted in every municipality nationwide. Part of forced prison labor would be to scour landfills and sort out recyclable materials. National support of cancer research, AIDS research, and all communicable disease research would quadruple, paid for by the immediate cessation of foreign aid. Oil would begin to be purchased from Russia as much as possible, and the purchase volume from OPEC would drop as fast as possible. Federal taxes on electric hybrid vehicles would be halved temporarily until their relative percentage in annual purchases reaches 50%. No prisoner will be released from bondage until he tests negative for illegal drugs for 3 consecutive months in random biweekly blood & hair testing. Politicians in charge of education going up the heirarchy to governor would be fined accordingly 5% for every year that basic skills test averages for the district/city/county/state are below the national standard. Poaching penalties would double. Illegal aliens would be hunted by a newly double-budgeted INS and deported en masse until their numbers reach approximately 10% of their current. Tax breaks would be instituted for those who participate in organized neighborhood watches, and those who volounteer more than 5 hours per week. Welfare would have a limit of 3 years per dependent, and the increase per child over 2 would be halved to discourage procreation for money. Marijuana would be researched for 5 years extensively for effects, and afterwards legalized for sale and posession, and taxed to fund addiction treatment. Tax breaks will be awarded generously for adoption, and child welfare services will monitor monthly. Euthanasia would be legalized. Border patrol budget would double, as would the budget for eradicating harmful alien animal species such as formosan termites and Nutria. Homosexual marriage rights would be universally granted, as would their rights to adopt. permission for organ donation would be implied from any person who does not specifically deny it on their identification card, which would be mandatory to posess at all reasonable times. Driving licenses would be considerably harder to obtain, and a written and driving test would be required for each renewal, as well as a new requirement: CPR/first aid training. Driving without a seatbelt or helmet would be legalized, with assumption that the government will not pay for ANY medical treatment. Hunting of nuisance animals would be promoted, and 'tazer' weapons would be allowed on all airline flights over US soil, to discourage hijacking. A clearly posted marker refusing solicitors on residential or commercial property will legally bar their entry, and 'no-call' lists for telemarketers will be strictly enforced, with doubled fines for transgressions. Owners of animals that attack people will be fined and the animal will be destroyed after the second offense. All sodomy laws will be repealed. It would be mandatory to bring a child to a doctor within 3 days of its birth.

A lot of stuff to vent, I know. but just think what things could be like if only 10% of this was employed....

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