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It was Roosevelt and Coolidge

I dunno if anyone here watches Jeopardy! regularly, or in specific watched it today and/or yesterday, but the lady who won yesterday and lost today was from Baton Rouge.  Her name was Nathalie Anderson (IIRC), although it was chance that I caught Trebek saying that as I normally fast-forward through the introductions on the show.  Anyway, she mentioned that she has a black belt in Shotokan, and frankly there's only one place (or at least used to be only one place) in Baton Rouge where people trained in Shotokan, Capital City Karate Club, where I used to train.  Nathalie (we called her Nat) was an acquaintance of my father, sister, and mine and used to chat with us before class often.  She was one of the few adults who would take the time to acknowledge us kids, especially because we were in the 'advanced' class and I think that some of the adults resented us for it.  Anyway I'm fairly certain it was the same person, in fact I called my mother and sister and played back her intro and they both seemed to recognise her voice.  I never figured her for being that smart, but she is.

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