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knockin' on heaven's door

The new (several months old but 'new') policy for our building, since they got the security checkpoint out of the hallway, to not open the doors for anyone at all and not to let anyone in when you enter.  Apparently if they catch you doing that, they'll escort you off of the campus right then.  I just had to leave some woman outside the door knocking and knocking.  Looked like she works here, too, as she had a cart with coffee on it.  I just got my coke and walked off;  she probably thought I was a dick, but if she's not coded for the building she's got to wait for security to get off their asses and let her in.  It's not a cool thing but I guess it keeps the PETA protestors and Al Qaeda goons from getting their hands on our precious Kim-wipes and de-ionized water.