Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor (floyd_mephit) wrote,
Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

An apron full of peppermints too

I went to the mall and bought some 'nice clothes', as my 'school clothes' aren't good enough.  I have come to realize that I may be embroiled in some job interviewing in the near future and though even thinking it makes me feel like I'm putting the gris-gris on it, I need to upgrade my wardrobe for the next step.  I got some dockers, a couple of belts that I could have bought a full sushi dinner for 2 for, some nancy-boy socks, and some dress-shirts.  Oh, it's a good thing I don't carry lunch money anymore.  I never go to the mall anymore, and it's basically for the reason that dropping the better part of a grand for less than a week's worth of clothing and eyeglasses is just par for the course there.

I got an eye exam because I didn't trust the last one.  The optometrist there outed me as an eye researcher -- I always get outed for what I do when I get eye exams because I say "things normal patients don't say" as I heard it.  I never tell them, they just figure it out.  Anyway she told me a word I didn't want to hear: neovascularization.  And in a place she had never seen before, so I guess I will need to see if I can HIPAA my old eye-exam records and see if it's always been there or what.  Anyway I got my old glasses, with the lenses my acid-sweat has etched, relensed and a new, more conservative pair, ordered.  Oh Lenscrafters, when did you start charging this much?  I need a fucking mortgage for these things.  I declined the $6 lens-wipe.

Back on the island I got a cherry limeade at Sonic.  Can I tell you people honestly, I have a fetish for those girls on the rollerskates.  And how.  The one who served me called me 'babe', like a lascivious stripper sent back to highschool in red hotpants, eyeliner, and a change dispenser, co-starring Alan Thicke as the awkward dad.  Afterwards I decided to break in Freya's new frisbee on the beach, so we went out on the breakers and I tossed it into the surf where she bounded over the waves and fetched it back.  Then I just up and decided to take my clothes off and ran out into the curls with just my drawers on and played fetch with the dog for about an hour, until I was thoroughly mortared up in my buttcrack with sand.  We sat on my tailgate and dried off in the sea breeze and I watched the cirrus-clouds lose their pink.  That is the only thing I will miss about the island, definitely:  the tailgate-sitting.  I got some groceries and went home to cook a pork tenderloin.

I think I balanced the adult-oriented early part of my day out nicely. 

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