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for my doggie.

I just messed up my printer driver. It's always been screwey, but I can't get it fixed again, and the install program is severely messed up. Jamais deux sans trois..

But I reinstalled Norton AV and it seems to be working. I also burned all my anthro art (I hope) onto CD-R and wiped it, just to save embarassment should I ever send this comp in. I burned a lot of adult files onto CD-RW about a year ago to save embarassment (I labelled the CD so I wouldn't forget) and then when I sent the comp into the techies, I left the damn thing in the bay. Hope they got a laugh that day. (some introduction to furry they must've had..) Oh well.

I finally ordered the things for my dog tonight: a $60 dog bed with (hopefully) my dog's entire AKC name embroidered onto it, a big fancy dog bone, and a training shock collar for him. Hopefully this will ease him into not constantly annoying me.

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