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I just shaved my hair again, it was time.  When I get off of my bike after riding for 5 minutes and I've got a Ben Affleck going on, it's time to pull out the clippers.  I cut down my facial hair and wondered, what would I look like without it?  I haven't been without my little mouth pubes for years and years.  But I'm too fat for that for sure so it stays, despite having a ridiculous tie-dye coloring to it.  With my weekend stubble on my cheeks I think I look like some kind of felon, ripe with malice aforethought.

Let me ask you people something.  If I commissioned someone for something (art something) and after more than a month they didn't even come up with a sketch, would the law be of my side if I should bite my thumb at them?  I am getting a little annoyed with the whole prospect of patronising the gallery of picture-makers in this little club of ours.

Let me ask you something else.  Would you eat a Tootsie Pop that came with a box of sex toys?  Let's say it was grape-flavored and wrapped as you would find one in a bag at the supermarket (I'm talking about the sucker here).  Would you eat it or would you find the circumstances of its arrival too foul to put it in your mouth?

Some pictures of my drive Saturday:

29    At the missing cache, you can see the copper driving up to run us off.
33    Freya hates bumpy roads
35   A way isolated cemetary where I DNF'd and had to mercykill a little bird with my boot
37   Out of the truck is nice and flat
45   Night falls and I don't know where I am
51  Sabine Pass, Tx is a small town.


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Aug. 7th, 2006 04:51 pm (UTC)
nice picts, do me a favor and unload those Goodyear Wranglers when you get new tires.

the art club people are pretty lame. they cry that they need money really bad and are taking comissions. then they take upwards of a year to complete or even attempt any of your comission. I imagine that playing OL games or whatever it is they do is more important than actually using their skills to make money. the lack of responsibility on their part makes them worthless to me.

I've got no problem with those that email stating,that yes they are working on it and are really busy doesnt make as mad.
Aug. 7th, 2006 05:31 pm (UTC)
Yea I only have that one Goodyear left, all the others are Firestone Destination LE's I think. I'm surprised that last one is still here, the others all blew out or got leaky long ago.

Yea I agree they are always having some problem or another, it must be such a hard life for them... I got an email about 2 weeks ago saying oh you'll have a sketch tonight, etc. and of course, nada. They did find time to do some free art for a friend though, so at least they were keeping busy..
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