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washed out

I drove across the washed-out part of highway 87 today, from the Bolivar penninsula to the Sabine pass.  It took forever.  I was bouncing all over the place like some kind of hooptie.  Along the way, a few miles past the "road closed" sign, is a sort of nude beach which I drove through.  All I can say is 'yuck'.  It was service industry night out there I guess because every truck I saw had a weldor or a freon tank strapped in it.  I wanted to see a geocache which was supposed to be on that road, like 10 miles out.  I was thiiiis close to getting stuck out there on a dune (it's not 2wd truck-friendly in that area) but I made it to the cache area - but no cache. 

I was considering making my own replacement, and also considering taking my clothes off and catching some sun, when a cop drove up and told me I was in a federal wildlife refuge and the cache wasn't supposed to be there.  I told him 'okay' since we could both plainly see that A) I was 10 feet on the public side of the fence and B) obviously that's just a trivial detail since he's a cop and C) if he had come like 10 minutes later my dick would've been floppin in the breeze which would've been embarrasing to us both.  I found a coconut which had washed ashore from lands unknown, and put it in the back of the truck, and kept going down the beach, it was horribly polluted and deteriorated but I made it out okay. 

I did find a couple more caches way out in BFE, covered in mosquitos and stinging vines.  My lack of 4WD kept me from getting a couple others but mostly it was the lack of daylight by the time I got to Sabine Pass.  Apparently the hurricane wiped out the town and they only got a grocery store last month or so says the lady at the Port Authority.  I drove up and west back to I-10 and back to I-45 and down, altogether probably 200-300 miles for not so much done.  I took some pics with my Nikon, I'll post them whenever.

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