Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor (floyd_mephit) wrote,
Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

It's slob-berin time

My spare 'trailer-in-a-bag' parts came in today to replace the stolen ones, so now I can tow my bike at will again (I hope).  Secondly my dagger-fighting book came in, along with a DVD on grappling training using one of those heavy punching bags.  I've got a sudden upswing of cardboard boxes here on the front porch, which is flush full with other fun lovelies such as my humongo grill (I only grill in winter I guess, it's too hot in summer and I don't like cockroaches in my steak), my sheets of orthopedic foam, my 10-ton guillotine industrial press, my MIG welder (which I need to check on to make sure the sea-air hasn't messed up), my other grill (the charcoal smoker), my OTHER other grill (my 6x3 foot pig cooker), my old exhaust pipes, and some big box of crap my landlord thought was mine after hurricane Rita came by.  All this junk sitting around.  And I've got another box coming soon with some secret stuff I don't want you people to know about.  I should save all these boxes for something but as you can see I'm a fucking slob and don't need anything else.

I thought I bought the Marvel 'what if?' number 1 the other day, but as it turns out it was like 37 or something.  I could have friggin sworn it saied 1 on the cover.  I guess that's why it was so cheap.  It was Benjamin Grimm and Beast and Silver Surfer, at least.

I pulled my upper backstrap muscles and shoulder really hard at class tonight, I am going to be fuuucked up tomorrow.  I had to stop on the way home and buy some pills to eat, otherwise I wasn't going to be able to mmm-bop to the fruity radio stations in this wet little snot-rocket of a metropolitan area.

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