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Yes, I HATE them. I spent the last 8 hours or so debugging windows ME because some little piece of crap sent me some virus and cocked up my boot record. Thank god I was able to load MSCONFIG and piece by piece, .VxD by VxD, environment variable by variable reboot my computer about 50 or 60 times and figure out that my sysenv.386 file was corrupted. So now I guess that means that I have to reinstall Norton to get it working again. Damnit!!!! When I opened the email that had the virus, Norton even warned me and quarantined the file. It still messed everything up. I originally thought I was going to have to drop my comp off at a tech place for a couple weeks, but after I got over my anger I decided I should at least TRY to get it debugged. Now everything seems to be working except AntiVirus. Who knows what'll happen when I reboot again, though...

Just another problem in the long list of computer curses for this little skunk..

I decided this morning, after having been greeted with my dog pissing all over my still-boxed books, that he will be sleeping outside from now on. I cannot afford what he destroys each day with urine. We'll see how that works. It's excellent temperature outside at night, so he'll be fine.

I bought groceries yesterday, and a large percentage of them were moldy. I think the grocer I use is a bit under-par in food quality. Will have to find a new one. Though, in good news, in my search for a computer repair shop, I found a comic book dealer on the island (that is, a comic-book dealer/computer repair shop....hmm.) Though I wouldn't take my computer there, I'll certainly look there for comix! I usually mail-order my anthro comix, but my normal indy comix I like to buy from shops, so this'll beat driving onto the mainland.

Last night I found both the island's local make-out spot, and it's local drag-strip (same place); some pick-up actually drove up the embankement to drive around me there. Think I'll avoid driving there....excellent view, though. Great sunset spot.

Well, after my computer tribulations, I dunno what to do. I need to get some more done around here, and I need to go to the beach.

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