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Trip down memory lane

10 most violent children's games.  I used to play all of these things in elementary and a little in middle school.

We played Smear the Queer, but since we went to a public elementary with probably 70% black kids we had a different game we played a lot called "niggerball".  Basically the rules of niggerball were to grab the ball (usually a partially-inflated soccer-, basket- or 4-square ball) and run down the field to the endzone, while everyone (including your own team-mates) tried to punch and kick you.  Basically the teams were white kids against black kids (and those black kids were huge), so we usually lost.  Sometimes it was just an excuse for a race war, I guess.  It was kind of fun at recess, there'd be some of the pansies playing jump-rope, and little girls playing chinese jump-rope or whatever, and some kid would run into the football area with a shiny-smooth 10-year-old basketball screaming "nniiiiiiiiiiiggggerbaaaaaallll!!!!!!" with 20 kids behind him.  It's the kind of child's game you couldn't get away with playing in this day and age, but 20 years ago it was okay.



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Jul. 20th, 2006 07:09 pm (UTC)
Wow.. Smear the Queer.. I used to play that all the time. We also had a game that occured once in a great while when they aerated the playgrounds. It left behind those 3-4" long clumps of dirt. Two teams would line up in a line facing each other, and takes turns hurling volleys of those clumps at each other. You were "out" if you moved from your selected spot. It was like a mix of old line warfare and artillery practice at the same time.

To this date, I can't recall what we called the game. It just..happened whenever people discovered acreages of those lawn plugs that morning...
Jul. 20th, 2006 09:38 pm (UTC)
I haven't played any of those games (except the yard football) in a couple of decades. They should have those games at scifi and fan conventions, it would be grand and maybe a good conversation starter. Although if someone went to the lobby of one of those cons and yelled 'smear the queer!', there would probably be a riot.
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