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I return in the dark, like a bumbling thief in the night..

I got back in Galveston today at about 7:30, because I left very late at 3:30. I realized, much too late last night, that Target is not open at 2:30am., and I had to buy my new TV stand. So I did today, as well as a new printer cable and mouse for my mother's comp. I tried to install her (my old) printer drivers, but they were being ornery and so since I couldn't wait around for the proper download patch, I told her I'd talk her thru it later. I've spent several hours assembling the steeening TV stand (man, I really like carpentry work..It's a shame this really doesn't count) and it's done, but I was too whipped to attempt taking the 4-stone TV out of it's box to use it. So I ate dinner and came upstairs to the comp. Here I sit, chatting (wow! I never get to chat..)

I have been feeling this persistent feline influence lately, over the past week or so, maybe more.. I've always felt a feline influence, but it's been incrementing and I am not sure why. when I've felt it of late, I feel this dark, black cat just behind me, giving me that feeling you may or may not get when someone's right behind you, that kind of presence that makes your back stiffen and your eyes dilate. I'm curious, but you know what curiosity does..

Also, I've been thinking about starting on a costume.. I'm just going to avoid using the dreaded F-word to describe it..'costume' will suffice. I thought about it some months back, but I was too busy then (I am now too, but..) What made me bandy the idea around was seeing Mejeep the ferret bouncing around like a meth-head in a big heavy suit.. I would just eat that up with a spoon, I think; I was turned off by the idea of putting a big ol' heavy thing on and just standing around like a goober being self-conscious about how shoddy my sewing skills were. But I could tweak the ideas I had and do something with mobility. Or am I chasing a goose..

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