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East/Southeast Houston day

I dropped off my trailer today and went caching around, and as I drove on the beltway some kind of military prop plane, looked like a c-130, flew something like 100 feet over my truck towards Ellington.  The sky suddenly went dark as its shadow swooped over everyone, it was startling.

3 caches today.  The dog enjoyed it;  I like to go to city park caches so I can run her around, but on other ones she has to stay in the car and it's boring.  If I could get off my ass and weld up a dog carrier for my bike I could make it more interesting, but I need parts from which to fab and also a bench (or just an old oil drum would be nice).  I went to work for a couple hours first, and realized it's going to take some time to get used to those loud-ass pipes (if I don't baffle them down) and that kicker right in my way.  After getting home I reinstalled the passenger footpeg I repainted (finally) and am cleaning el dumpo slowly but surely?

I'll try to take some quality pictures of my bike (which despite owning for almost 3 years have only recently named - the black & blue bitch - or Beebee for short maybe) while it's still somewhat clean.  I need to bust out my air compressor and die-grind the rust off of the downtubes, then paint them, and hopefully that will keep the rust from pitting them up.