Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor (floyd_mephit) wrote,
Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

Another cache, and another miss.  I saw the most WICKED spiders there, several of them sharing webs and with strange 3-D web matrices like I've never seen.  I was tromping all over the most western beaches of the island looking for something that was not to be found.  Dog enjoyed it though.  After I ate I went into the yard to train a bit and found a new method.  I have this thing I use to bite-train dogs called a bungee line, which is a super-thick bungee cord (maybe a 1/2 inch or thicker) shrouded by nylon, which is fixed to a pole and to a dog harness to make the dog pull against a great deal of tension to hold a bite on a toy or sleeve.  I clipped it to my beld and started working the heavy bag, and every time I tried to kick or knee it I had to really work, and to hug it I really had to hold tight.  It was fancy.  It was a little weak for me since I'm so fat so I could use two or something.  Or lose weight, whatever.

Good news is I talked to the Harley service guy named Chopper working on my bike (original name to be sure) and it's apparently done.  Sort of, in that the baffles aren't in but everything else is set up and powdercoated.  I will have to bring the bike back in when the baffles arrive if I want them to be installed, I will have to hear how the bike sounds with straight tubes though.  And pay the insane (insane, seriously) bill.  I need to find a rentable trailer as well tomorrow morning, for sure.

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