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I don't feel tardy

I went to Webster to teach the swordfighting class tonight, as the regular instructor is in China doing Chinese things I suppose.  However, neither of the other students showed up to class, so I stayed there for an hour and a half working out by myself.  I was actually kind of hoping they wouldn't show up, because I got to feel more dedicated than them and smug and superior.  However, I can feel that way whether they come or not.  But if they'd come I would have had to teach them and wouldn't have gotten any training for myself done.  It's just as well, as I am missing my right sparring glove and would likely have broken my damned thumb again.  I placed an order for a replacement pair, but I had to get the size above what I need because my size is on backorder.  After I got home I worked my dog's prey drive out in the yard until I wore her out.

I am currently experiencing the zen of pre-packaged Jell-O sugarfree wiggly-cup-things.  It's really the only zen I can know except for bong hits or the guitar solo from "Hot for Teacher".