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dutchie on the left-hand side

I left early from work today and drove up to my family's in LaPorte, since my mother and sister are in town.  My cousin's wife had her first  baby cut out of her today so there was somewhat of a celebration (There's kind of a tradition in our family to be not of woman born, Shakespeareanly speaking).  We went out to eat at a rather atrocious seafood place (how the hell do you ruin onion rings?  Apparently, with gusto) and then sat around drinking and playing a few games.  My wrist has been bothering me lately, the other one this time (they traded off, I think) and every time I tried to twist off a beer cap I did the little 'owwwwwww' dance.  We were playing cards for awhile, and this guy who is interested in my mother, who in many ways annoys the piss out of me and my sister, started to grate my nerves so I got up and drove the hour back home.  I've seen enough of my family for the next several months (I would like to believe, although I'm sure I will have to drive back to BR for something sooner than I would like to).

I found my wrist brace, I wonder if I wear it all the time if I will convalesce faster..  Luckily it's my left one now, so my love life is back on the up and up (and down, then up again).  Thankfully I am not going in to work tomorrow so I can clean up this so-called dump.  I've got a project in the works which I am only sponsoring monetarily but will hopefully come to fruition in the early part of next year;  it will be exciting then, and hopefully will be worth the wait.

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