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I've spent all day writing and rewriting the powerpoint for my seminar tomorrow.  They didn't start advertising it until noon today so I don't think there'll be too many people there.  I was surprised that my boss actually gave me a whole five minutes of attention to look over my slides, and actually didn't have any criticism to offer (I am certain, because of that, that he wasn't paying attention afterall).  He wants me to present this PPT tomorrow at 9 to the lab so he can rip it up and make me fix it before noon tomorrow.

I'm going to the PHTO conference room to spool it up and run through it in the room I'll talk in, it gives good practice.  But before that I have to go back and find where I got the reference diagrams for the pathways I'm reviewing.  I got them off of google, so tracking them down is not easy one year later.

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