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bitter seeds indeed

We just came back from Mogul, the Indian restaurant over in Webster as a goodbye lunch for our departing/deporting Chinese post-doc.  I am stuuufffeed.  For breath fresheners, Indians chew on handfuls of fennel seeds.  Oh sweet god I should not have done that.  I had to spit it all up in my truck bed before I lost it.

We went to the "computer place" where we dropped off an old HPLC computer some weeks ago to be fixed, and these guys are super-shady.  We should definitely not have taken it there.  We went to go pick up the computer today, unfixed, and found that the shop had disappeared to places unknown, with our computer and its $12,000 PCI card for the HPLC unit.  uh oh.....  This does not bode well for my work, and not well for the senior post-doc who put the computer there.

I guess I'm going on the road after work, to be randomly searched by the Dept of Homeland Security before I get on the Bolivar Ferry.


Jun. 23rd, 2006 09:51 pm (UTC)
Leave random things in the truck for HS to find. A plastic crab. A bottle of penetrating fluid. A MyLilPony with a .32 slug pushed into its body. You know - fun stuff to make them... ponder :)

What was the computer place called and where were they?
Jun. 25th, 2006 01:03 am (UTC)
Their name was .. I've forgotten now, it was something like 'Galveston Computer Associates' on 8th street, right near the Seawall. I have one of their business cards at work somewhere. Maybe we should call the cops or something like that..

I actually got pulled aside for a random search when I got up to the ferry yesterday, after waiting 30 minutes in line. Then they saw my gas can (I forgot to hide it) and made me turn around, without searching me. I wasn't going to wait another hour and a half for the ferry, so I just took I-45 up to the beltway and added another 1:30 to my trip time anyway. During the summer it's pretty much worth it to drive the extra 40-70 miles, at least I'm not sitting in a parking lot the whole time. I wanted to know if they'd pitch a fit about my pistol, but didn't get the chance. I do like the My little pony thing, that'd be nice to see them find it. Or maybe some tubs of crisco and 'autographed' copies of Mein Kampf, a short, assembled slip 'n slide, 80 boxes of nutter butters, or a mannequin dressed in a fursuit in the passenger seat with a game of solitaire going.