Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor (floyd_mephit) wrote,
Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

I dropped my bike off at Stubbs Cycles finally after sitting through 5:00 Houston traffic to get there.  The service guy was pretty good, made a big list of all the things I mentioned that needed to be fixed, walked around the bike with me as I pointed them out, etc.  He even gave me the phone number of a local powdercoater after seeing my coated parts.  He brought the bike in and I brought in the kickstarter, and he said he'll call tomorrow with the price quote.  After getting home I realized I forgot the bolts to the starter, so I'm going to print out a USPS mail ticket online and mail them in.

I returned the U-Haul, 3 days late.  As I brought it in I noticed that I had kind of fucked it up a little, somehow the weight of the bike strap had wrenced one of the tie-down D-rings out (and I'm lucky the damn strap didn't come off), and one of the wires had gotten stripped.  That, plus whatever extra charge for lateness, is going to be mighty expensive.  I left them a note with the drop-off box saying basically 'oops, sorry, here's some parts I broke'.

My landlord came by and I renewed my lease, this time only for 6 months because I don't know when I'll be graduating.  He's raising the rent $40, which sucks, but I know him and he's getting taken to the cleaners by Galveston's draconian property tax increases.  He's been the most lenient landlord I've had, even though he won't shut up when he starts talking, reminding me of my grandmother.

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