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three-count or tap-out

I went to an ARMA class today, we worked on grappling and throws for a couple of hours after taking some pictures of a few throw sequences to build a curriculum around.  At the end, we did a little bit of "ground-fighting", but since we weren't throwing punches it was really just ground wrestling.  I went once against a lanky dude from the other Houston group and then against the instructor, and both times I made them tap out.  I was actually really surprised how well I did considering I never ever practice that sort of thing.  But with both of them I had a little bit of a weight advantage as I've got a nice (but hopefully diminishing) layer of chub around my torso which I used to bear down from above on them, and while the instructor was choking me from on his back and driving his thumbs into my throat, I just held his shoulders down and kept leaning my forearm across his neck until I felt him kind of weaken and give up.  I hope we get to work on that some more, as there are a whole array of skills and techniques in ground fighting that were very popular in ancient Europe (pankration, etc.) and middle ages Europe (Ott the Jew, etc.) and more modern Europe (Yagli Gures, etc.), as well as modern elsewhere (BJJ, etc.) that are awesome.  I wish I had taken some pictures of the class as it was good to widen the scope.

I had planned on bringing my bike in today to get the kickstarter installed (that I had spent all week stripping the chrome off of by hand and repainted, causing a massive sulfuric acid spill at work that ate my leatherman up pretty badly) as well as various other maintenance items, but yesterday I found that someone had stolen parts (not the whole thing, just parts) of my bike trailer out of my truck and rendered it useless.  So I called my H.O.G. roadside assistance to tow me there, and they told me that basically they couldn't within a decent timeframe, so I made a reservation with U-Haul for a bike trailer.  I picked it up all the way in Pasadena after the class and drove all the way to Galveston and loaded the bike (which tipped over multiple times on the way because the fucking straps wouldn't hold it in place) and got it up there at 5:45 to find out that THEY FUCKING CLOSED AT 5:00.  So I'm screwed in that I will have to either extend my 1-day rental of the trailer over the phone or keep it for an extra 3-4 days and pay the fee so I can bring it back on Tuesday after work because the dealership (as are pretty much all Harley shops) closed on Sunday and Monday.  Fucking beautiful.

I also found out (via blood on my floor at home) that my dog is in heat again, a whole month earlier than she's supposed to be.  Which means (I think) that I cannot get her fixed while I'm at AC like I had planned on doing.  I will have to wait a (very) bloody month before I can do it.  I am probably going to have to walk to work Monday and Tuesday because I can't leave my bike trailer sitting around without somebody stealing it, and I'm not going to take that fucking bike down again until I have to, and there's nowhere to park the truck and trailer together on campus.  Beautiful.


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