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I have been trying to teach the summer undergraduate research program student since she came here a few days ago, and to be honest, I'm doubting strongly her claim of "lab experience".  I realize that she supposedly worked in an organic chemistry lab and this isn't an OChem lab, it's a biochem/molecular biology lab, and there are (I imagine) a great deal of differences between the two, but she keeps asking me questions regarding the differences between microliters and mLs.  And it's taking her forever to do things, which is of course making me want to take over every step of every task I give her to give her experience.  I am trying very hard not to be rude about anything but god almighty I don't know how she's going to get anything done at this rate (nor how I am going to, for that matter).  Hopefully in the near future she will pick up the pace and things will come more easily to her.  Because I want to say "well, if she doesn't try it's going to be her ass standing in front of a piss-poor poster come August pointing to nothing", but I'm going to be using 'her' research in my dissertation due to its need to be done anyway and her basically just being a technician for me since I designed the project;  so I need it to be done correctly, and that makes me concerned a great deal that she's having trouble in the beginning.

I got my paycheck finally for teaching the two Texas A&M Galveston toxicology course classes, not much money.. but I did it for the CV padding, not the wallet padding.  Along with the check this time came a bunch of student evaluations, which were a good idea.  I got pretty great reviews I must say, with almost every single comment saying that "he knew his subject extremely thoroughly" and "he needs to present less material next time, it was too much to learn".  Shit, they should've seen the powerpoint from last year, it was 20% larger.  So I enjoyed that, especially as it arrived close to 5 when I was reaching my stress limit for the day.

I have been stripping the chrome off of some motorcycle parts at work this week, in the hood with some sulfuric acid.  It works like a charm, and leaves me with what looks like the underlying nickel plating, which tarnishes up from the sulfur and comes off with some 120-grit sandpaper at home.  I primed the parts and painted them with some Krylon wrinkle-finish black, like my other powder-coated parts, and man, I wish I had tried this sooner.  I could've saved so much money.  And those dipshits at the coaters couldn't replicate a "brushed stainless steel" look and cocked up the pieces they tried it on, but I got it just right on a few, and if I laquer them it might just stay that way.  Tomorrow I'm going to mask off my kickstarter and strip it, and tomorrow evening prime and paint it.  Then I'm going to (hopefully if my trailer is still intact) load up the bike to bring to the shop on saturday and get the starter installed and some other maintenance done, while I'm going to be out of town anyway.

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