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I've been in a fucking brasstacks spitfire mood for several hours now. It began when my sister and I visited my grandmother to show her my sister's new puppy and my grandmother's psychotic piece of shit attacked the poor thing: my grandmother taught that dog to be the menace to society that it is, and new full well that it would attack the little puppy -- and let it happen. I wanted to spit in her face and slap teeth outta her mouth right there. I've been in the same mood since. I hate everyone when I'm like this, and I hate myself for not taking it out on something. I'm going to get liquored up proper in a few minutes, and we'll see if I come home upright or in a black bag. I'm indifferent and someone's going to learn it tonight. I hate this city, I hate anything that differs from solitude and silence, I....

I'm an arrogant windy cunt and fit for anything that comes of it. Forget I spoke, forget I woke up.