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I went to my cousin's baby shower today after going to work for a couple of hours.  My cousin is the father but his wife is too close to delivery to travel I guess.  It was odd having a baby shower for a man, although how the hell would I know, I've never been to one before.  Let me say one thing:  baby shower games are fucking gross.  I rode my bike there instead of the truck even though I had two huge gifts to bring.  I bungeed them to the sissy-bar and took them up I-45.  Somewhere along the way my bike leaked oil and it sprayed all over the right side of my bike, completely coated everything, including my pants.  I thought it was a mudpuddle until I smelled the gas-oil smell on me.  I went through a pair of plugs too.  I checked the dipstick after the bike cooled and it was on the high side of normal, so I wonder if I didn't just have too much oil the pan and it got hot and spewed out.  Except it looks like it came out of the carb or something, I can't really tell.  Just one more thing to mention when I drop the bike off next weekend.  After the shower I visited with my cousin awhile and took him to a Mexican restaurant on my bike (he held on well despite only having one footpeg to use).  It sure feels different with 150 pounds of extra weight on it.  I got a nice red burn on my forearms and face (again) and rode home on the 146, which I consider to be the best motorcycle road on that side of Houston.  I am whipped.